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Microelectronics & Semiconductor Industry

Leica Microsystems wants to support your efforts to bring to market state-of-the-art devices and components at affordable prices. For device manufacturers, we can help you be innovative, so you continue to develop the latest cutting-edge technology and devices to stay ahead of the competition. For suppliers, we can help you with the need to provide better performing components, such as PCBs and semiconductor devices, to device manufacturers while maintaining competitive pricing.

Semiconductor Microelectronics products 27

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Leica LED5000 NVI

Leica LED5000 NVI

Extremely high-performance LED vertical illuminator for recesses and holes

Leica LED3000 DI

Leica LED3000 DI

Diffuse illumination with movable illumination shield



Inspection System for Microelectronics and Semiconductor

Leica XL Stand

Leica XL Stand

Modular stand allows inspection of large samples at high stereoscopic magnifications

Leica LED5000 MCI

Leica LED5000 MCI

Multi contrast illumination system with integrated arches for daylight quality

Leica LED5000 CXI

Leica LED5000 CXI

Coaxial Illumination System with integrated LED’s for observation of glossy surfaces

Microelectronics & semiconductor imaging solutions

Reliable, intuitive Leica imaging solutions can significantly improve speed and accuracy of your inspection and quality control (QC), as well as failure analysis (FA) and rework. Our imaging systems can contribute to cost-effective research & development (R&D) of devices and processes. In all cases, efficient and precise documentation are crucial.

Our global network of experts is ready to help you find the imaging solutions which fit best your needs among the range of configurations we have available.


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