Key Factors for Efficient Cleanliness Analysis

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Component particle contamination can make operating systems considerably more difficult: Electrical short circuits, mechanical blockages, leaks, optical interruptions of light guides are just some of the malfunctions that can occur.

In this article, learn what the key factors for an efficient, cost-effective cleanliness analysis workflow in automotive and electronics production are - how to determine the particle composition faster, leading to a more efficient identification of the contamination source.

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  • Specifications for efficient cleanliness analysis
  • The most useful measurement parameters
  • International and regional cleanliness standards
  • Optimal cleanliness analysis workflow

Cleanliness Expert

Leica’s Cleanliness Expert is an easy-to-use software solution for reliable, repeatable analysis results specific to your application needs.

  • Fast and easy differentiation between reflective (metallic) and non-reflective particles
  • Autofocus and autodetection functionalities
  • Interactive filter map showing position of live image during result review
  • Accurate automated analysis due to software calibration by coded microscopes
  • Generate reports easily to share your results

Learn more about how to speed up your cleanliness analysis workflow.

Download the article

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