Join us for Spine Week 2023 in Melbourne from May 1 to 5

Learn about the latest innovations from Leica Microsystems for spine and neurosurgery. 

Meet us at booth D12 

ARveo 8 unites information from AR fluorescence, IGS systems, and endoscopic image feeds providing an enhanced visualisation for more informed and precise neurosurgery

  • ARveo 8 combines world-renowned optics with the ability to combine pre- and intraoperative imaging and augmented reality fluorescence, so that neurosurgeons can make precise, confident decisions.

  • Ultra-fast processing in the ARveo 8 reduces latency by 44%* and delivers information to the surgeon faster—further amplifying precision.

  • ARveo 8 enables surgeons to truly work “in the now” with greater confidence for better patient outcomes.

Find out more about ARvero8

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