Leica Digital Microscopy

Digital Microscopes from Leica Microsystems deliver fast, accurate, dependable results so you can assure quality and identify problems quickly and accurately. This creates efficiency for both R&D and Quality Control work. High end optics combine with innovative digital technology for macroscopic and microscopic imaging.

Find the Digital Microscope for your specific application…and budget!

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Why use Leica digital microscopes?

Digital microscopes by Leica Microsystems are optimized over the entire inspection, documentation, and analysis workflow.

We take a close look at what it is exactly that the users of our microscopes do.

Our customers help us with their feedback – our product management and research & development translate this into instruments that will serve you well all through your working day. 

With Leica Digital Microscopes, you can:

  • See What You've Been Missing
    Up to 16:1 optical zoom and 10MP camera
  • Get Fast Results
    With just one click, capture and record high-quality still or HD video images
  • Get Started Immediately
    Leica Digital Microscopes are intuitive to use
  • Be Comfortable Working
    Sit in a comfortable position as you work or review images with colleagues

Measurement Certainty (XY)GoodVery GoodExcellentUltra
3D Imaging / Height MeasurementNot AvailableVery GoodExcellentUltra
Application VersatilityLowVery GoodExcellentVery Good

Leica DMS300

Real-time Heads-up Inspection Solution

Leica DMS1000

Workhorse Measurement and Image Capture Solution

Leica DVM6

Advanced Image Analysis and Reporting Solution

Leica DCM8

3D Optical Surface Metrology System

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Easy operation: Leica digital microscopes can be handled intuitively over the entire microscopy workflow. One example: This video shows how an objective can be exchanged one-handedly.

Smooth workflow: Leica digital microscopes streamline the workflow from positioning the sample to generating a report. Software additionally speeds up handling.

Perfect images: Leica optics are world-renowned for their quality. Digital microscope optics and cameras yield images that capture every detail of your samples in natural, true-to-life colors.

Comfortable posture: Leica digital microscopes turn the microscopy workstation into a computer workplace. Working in a straight, upright posture can help prevent health issues due to physical strain. 

Versatile imaging: Leica digital microscopes offer a long working distance for samples big and small. Together with the large depth of field, this reduces or eliminates the need to prepare the samples. 

Peace of mind: Leica digital microscopes yield repeatable, traceable results, no matter how many colleagues use the microscope. Ease of use and features like encoding make this possible.

Would you like to receive a 15% Discount
on your first time order?

To receive your personal voucher,
simply fill out the contact form below.

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