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DM8000 M or DM12000 M until 31st December 2022.

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Higher resolution from any angle

Innovative Oblique UV with the Leica DM8000 M & DM12000 M

Inspection, process control and defect analysis of wafers or LCDs and TFTs has to be fast, accurate and ergonomic.

The Leica DM8000 M & DM12000 M (with a larger sample stage) perfectly meet these requirements. With a single touch of a button, switch from macro to micro mode and inspect the defect in darkfield, brightfield or DIC.

Press again to switch to Oblique UV (OUV) mode for a completely new visual experience. By combining oblique illumination with UV light, the innovative OUV mode gives top resolution in 3D from any angle, enhancing the accuracy of your inspection results.

Improve resolving power and speed up throughout when inspection samples of 8‘‘or 12‘‘in diameter, respectively. With a single touch of a button, you can change the magnification, the illumination or contrast mode.

GET 15 % off! 

Leica DM8000 M & DM12000 M Highlights

See four times more

The integrated macro mode gives you four times the field of view of conventional scanning objectives.

Higher resolution

Get higher resolution from any angle at the touch of a button thanks to Oblique UV mode.

Ergonomic design

Optimized for long spells at the microscope, intuitively operated and easy to adapt to different user levels.

LED illumination

The long lifetime yet extremely low power consumption of the LEDs offers an enormous saving potential.

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