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Buy a THUNDER Imager and receive THUNDER Live for free**

If you purchase a THUNDER Imager before December 31st, you can get computationally cleared images directly in your live preview with the new THUNDER Live add-on from Leica free of charge **.

Gain these advantages using a THUNDER Imager for your research:

  • Sharp imaging of 3D specimens as easy as working with your favorite camera-based fluorescence microscope
  • Extend the range of applications to thick samples
  • Increase physiological relevance by using gentle widefield imaging
  • Reduce time to result by skipping the post processing step

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Begin every experiment with confidence

Perform high resolution tissue imaging as well as live sample and model organism imaging on thick samples without struggling to find your region of interest.

The new THUNDER Live add-on visualizes a computationally cleared image instantly in the live viewer and allows you to optimize ICC parameters by using live image feedback.


Computationally Cleared

Mouse brain section 150µm

THUNDER Live Imaging

Neurons expressing Thy1-YFP fusion protein. Objective: 63x/1.4 oil. Sample courtesy of Dr. Hong Xu, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (USA)

Imaging a mouse brain section with THUNDER Live

Focusing through a 165µm thick mouse brain section using THUNDER Live. Feature scale is used to emphasize neurites. Neurites are much better visualized with THUNDER Live allowing better identification of regions of interest. In addition, THUNDER Live shows a preview of THUNDER image quality.

T47D Histone2B GFP cells (human epithelial breast cancer cell line). Objective: 40x/1.3 oil.

Imaging a tumor spheroid with THUNDER Live

With THUNDER Live, it is possible to evaluate the dynamics of cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions in deeper region of a 3D cell culture sample in real time. Without THUNDER Live, the customer must blindly acquire regions of interest in depth in multiple acquisition steps, process the data, and evaluate whether or not the region is of interest for a live cell acquisition. By this quick biological processes would possibly being missed.

Phalloidin 568: Actin. Objective: 63x/1.4 oil. Sample Courtesy Dr. Troidl, MPI-HLR, Bad Nauheim (Germany)

Imaging a mouse kidney section with THUNDER Live

Focusing through a 20µm thick mouse kidney section. Feature scale was used to visualize proximal tubule boarders allowing better identification of regions of interest.

** Terms and Conditions

Offer valid from September 19th to December 31st 2022 only when buying a THUNDER Imager. THUNDER Live has a value of 2,500 USD. Only valid for THUNDER Imagers incl. THUNDER 3D DCV. The THUNDER Live Upgrade will be activated automatically with the installation of the next software release – expected for March 2023.