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软件可更快速、更轻松、更高效地执行标准任务;同时并不复杂。LAS X 拥有整洁的用户界面和导航,使工作流程清晰直观,任何团队成员都能轻松掌握。



  • 使用全屏尺寸专注于样品 — 功能按钮在不需要时透明化
  • 单击鼠标即可激活功能按钮 (例如照明设置、摄像头、测量)
  • 自动保存功能让您充满信心,绝不会错失任何细节


LAS X 为您提供丰富的报告模板。




  • 报告导出,一键完成!
  • 可对报告模板进行调整,以适用于您的测试程序
Report templates of LAS X software platform
Upright material microscope Leica DM6 M









无论是显微镜新手或专家,LAS X 令主管能够根据每个团队成员的技能水平和任务创建独立的用户配置文件,确保您的团队获得预期的可靠结果。

User configuration of LAS X software platform
LAS X software tools


LAS X 为各种专业应用提供一系列附加软件模块和专家级解决方案,因此您可以对显微镜系统进行量身定制,使其成为专用的高性能工具,以应对当前和未来挑战。



  • 单张图像摄取和记录
  • 2D 和 3D 模式下的摄取、测量与分析
  • 金相学

LAS X Software Modules for Industrial Applications

Microscopy tasks in industrial applications such as quality control and quality assurance, failure analysis, research and development as well as materials science and forensics are varied and diverse. From image acquisition to reporting, software plays an integral part every step of the way. 

To provide the specific software capabilities you need, Leica Microsystems offers modules that complement the LAS X software. Choose from a range of software modules – see below for more information on what our modules can do for you. 

If you require additional information or advice, please so not hesitate to contact us. 

Extend LAS X capabilities in image acquisition and documentation of single images

LAS X User Management Create user groups with different access levels. Allow or restrict individual functionalities for respective access levels.
LAS X Extended Annotation Annotate your images with text in various fonts and colors, graphics, or measurements. 
LAS X Measurements Measure parameters such as length, area, diameter, angle, or perimeter of objects you mark with adjustable tracing lines, drawing directly in the live images. Add labels for easy analysis. Apply measurements to several images to determine statistical trend and compare data in measurement templates. Apply long-distance measurements that span more than a single field of view.
LAS X Reticule Display digital reticules, such as grain size, lines, circles, cross hairs and counting grids, on real-time images as electronic overlays for inspection, measurement, point counting, and comparison. Unlike eypiece reticules, digital reticules adjust to the magnification or zoom of the microscope.
LAS X Live Stream Movie Capture images at set time intervals automatically to create movies to stream. Download as individual images or AVI files.

Extend LAS X capabilites in image acquisition, measurement and analysis in 2D and 3D

LAS X Live Image Builder Create images that are bigger than a single field of view. Obtain a single in-focus image, if shallow depth of field provides only a partly focused image.
LAS X Z-Control & SW Autofocus Create a single sharp image by capturing a stack of images at different focus positions and combining them automatically into an Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) image.
LAS X Extended Depth of Field Create sharp 2D images from several partially in-focus images. In connection with the 3D Surface Viewer, creation of 3D images is also possible.
LAS X Stitching Create 2D images from multiple tiled images captured automatically. Obtain a spiral scan to capture only the region which interests you most. Single images can be retreived and analyzed with LAS X 2D Analysis.
LAS X 3D Surface Viewer View 3D surfaces created from LAS X Extended Depth of Field.
LAS X 3D Surface Measurements Measure 3D surfaces created from LAS X Extended Depth of Field in the LAS X 3D Surface Viewer.

Extend LAS X capabilities in metallography

LAS X Nodular Cast Iron Expert Assess cast iron, adhering to industry standards including ASTM E247, ISO 945-2 and JIS5502. Use this software module for ductile irons to identify graphite nodules and place them into shape and size classes. Assess the ferrite and pearlite content and combine the results from these separate analyses.
LAS X Decarburisation Expert Identify and analyse the depth of decarburisation in non- or low-alloyed steel. Automatically calculate the functional decarburization depth as a function of the amount present in the unaffected interior and your product specifications.
LAS X Metallography Toolbox Assess, analyze, and measure metals, alloys, layers and coatings, adhering to laboratory requirements by incorporating analysis methods utilized in industry standards. Document your results in a Microsoft Excel report.
LAS X Grain Expert Evaluate the properties of materials by analysing grain size to help determine the characteristics of the final product. The incorporation of industry standards ensures your analyses conform to your laboratory requirements.
LAS X Phase Expert Measure multi-phase microstructures indentified by their distinctive color or contrast in materials and metallurgy laboratories. For example, reflectivity of components in oil-shale; polarisation colors of constituents in a thin rock section for modal analysis. Determine the occurrence of these phases with reference to the overall image or to one of the selected phases.
LAS X 2D Analysis Detect, measure, and evaluate features and particles of powders, fiber cross-sections, pigments using a wide range of parameters. Use histograms, pie charts and statistics to illustrate results that can be exported to Microsoft Excel.