New: "Dye Finder" Eliminates Crosstalk in Confocal Microscopy without Spectral Data Stacks

With the "Channel Dye Finder", part of the new LCS release 2.5, new levels of speed and sensitivity in crosstalk elimination are obtained

Leica Microsystems Heidelberg GmbH, the inventor of Spectral Confocal Microscopy, has released Version 2.5 of its crosstalk-eliminating “Dye Finder” Software as part of LCS, the control and processing software for Leica Confocal Systems.

The new “Channel Dye Finder” enables linear un-mixing of even strongly overlapping fluorochrome emissions without the need to record emission spectra data stacks.

Recording spectral data stacks is time-consuming and a major source of sample bleaching. For Channel Dye Finder, only a single image for each fluorochrome to be separated is needed. Nevertheless, gapless collection of the complete spectral information is obtained with the highly sensitive and continuously tunable Leica Spectral Detector.

As a result, new levels of speed and sensitivity in crosstalk elimination in confocal microscopy are obtained. These are major benefits especially for the growing applications of confocal microscopy in live cell imaging.