NEW Novocastra™ Reference Range™

This range features a select group of immunohistochemistry (IHC) antibodies chosen for their quality staining and utility.

This Phase 1 release of the Reference Range features our best antibody clones, carefully chosen and grouped to make it easy for Pathologists and Scientists to select the antibodies they need according to utility. The range currently features over 60 antibodies classified into the following groups:

  • Breast IHC
  • Leukemia IHC
  • Lymphoma IHC
  • Melanoma IHC
  • Gastrointestinal tract IHC
  • Prostate IHC
  • Lung IHC
  • Renal IHC
  • Special IHC

According to Dr. Kenneth Mitchell (Product Manager – Novocastra) the Reference Range “was created to meet the needs of pathologists and scientists who want a fast way to select great antibodies for their specific needs. With this range they can quickly look up the Reference Range table and select from the appropriate antibodies available and be assured that each one will produce very high-quality staining.”

Any pathologist or scientist selecting antibodies from the Reference Range will also enjoy the confidence of knowing they are getting a product proven with formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue. Further, they can also enjoy the consistency that comes with a complete system by using the markers with Novolink™ Compact Polymer™ secondary detection, Novocastra Antibody Diluent and also Novocastra unmasking buffers and reagents as required. An added advantage is exceptional sensitivity of Novolink secondary detection which produces excellent staining at very high dilutions.

Following on from this initial release, further reagents and systems will be added in a series of phased releases. Detailed information about this new range can be found at the Reference Rage page. With full Reference Range details and regular updates, the Reference Range page is one that pathologists and researchers will want to bookmark so they have an easy way to quickly select the most important antibodies they require.

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