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Upgradeable ophthalmic surgery solutions

See beyond - today and tomorrow

As an ophthalmic surgeon, you want to have the best visualization available for every surgery at every moment: today and tomorrow. This is why we’ve designed the Proveo 8 ophthalmic microscope as a versatile, expandable imaging platform.

At its core the Proveo 8 microscope delivers the outstanding optical performance you expect. Innovative Fusion-Optics technology and CoAx 4 illumination provide consistent red reflex and an expanded area in focus, ideal for anterior and posterior surgery. But more than this, the microscope offers flexible hardware options and an open architecture design that allows for smooth integration of digital imaging solutions at any time.

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Configure the Proveo 8 ophthalmic microscope

Configure the Proveo 8 ophthalmic microscope to fit your imaging requirements or budget constraints today and rest assured that you can upgrade whenever you wish. And as digital imaging technologies evolve we will help you stay ahead by ensuring they seamlessly integrate into your Proveo platform, securing your investment for the future.

Your Proveo, your way. Choose your configuration today, upgrade tomorrow.

  • IOL positioning guidance with IOLcompass Pro system
  • HD 3D or 2D display and documentation
  • Optical Coherence Tomography with Envisu and EnFocus OCT*
  • A selection of wide-angle retinal viewing accessories
  • Mounting options: floor, ceiling mount, and ceiling telescope

*Available soon, contact your local Leica representative.

One for all - anterior and posterior

No need to purchase two microscopes, the Proveo 8 supports both anterior and posterior segment procedures with ease.


FusionOptics technology overcomes the boundaries of sight by uniting high resolution and depth of field for a crisp texture-rich view of fine details and an expanded area in full focus.

CoAx 4 LED illumination

CoAx 4 LED illumination provides consistent red reflex throughout the entire procedure, including phacoemulsification. Integrate digital imaging technologies and you have complete workflow solutions for cataract, cornea and retinal surgeries.

Proveo 8 with IOLcompass Pro navigation

Support your goal of delivering minimal residual astigmatism to your patient with consistent red reflex combined with the IOLcompassPro marker less guidance system.

Proveo 8 with 3D visualization

3D depth perception for you and your team without looking through the eyepieces. A shared 3D view can enhance workflow and teaching in anterior and posterior surgeries. 3D surgical recordings can be shared outside the OR.

  • Read more about the TrueVision 3D system 

Proveo 8 with wide angle viewing systems

Enhance visualization during vitreoretinal surgery with slit illumination, and RUV800 or BIOM 5 wide-angle viewing systems.

EnFocus Ultra-Deep Intrasurgical OCT*

Extremely deep real-time, cross-sectional visualization provides a full anterior view which can help guide decision-making during each stage of cornea surgery.

*Coming soon for Proveo 8, contact your local Leica representative.

EnFocus Ultra-HD Intrasurgical OCT*

High resolution images of the posterior segment provide supplementary visual information during retinal surgeries such as macular buckle or retinoblastoma.

*Coming soon for Proveo 8, contact your local Leica representative.

"With Proveo 8 we took the ophthalmic microscope to the next level, transforming it into an ophthalmic imaging platform that not only delivers outstanding optical performance, but also easily integrates digital technologies."

Oscar Portilla
Product Manager at Leica, responsible for the development of the Proveo 8 ophthalmic microscope.

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