A Perfect Team: The Digital Specialist for Handwriting Analysis Experts

Combined with the right type of illumination, the Leica DMS1000 digital microscope reveals very precise information on a handwriting sample. The flat angle of the Leica LED5000 MCI multi-contrast illumination generates particularly high contrast, showing up even the slightest unevenness. Additions or superimposed items on a handwriting sample can be analyzed using the Leica LED5000 SLI spotlight illumination with its flexible two-armed gooseneck and two integrated bright LED spotlights. To save room, the control panel is accommodated in a separate gooseneck. With a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours in non-stop operation, LED illumination is extremely economical. The bright, flicker-free daylight illumination is friendly to the eyes and ensures natural color reproduction.

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