A sample from the Moon!

Leica MZ12 stereomicroscope and automated Leica MZ16 A at the Mineralogical-Geological Museum Oslo

The Geologisk museum, Universitetet i Oslo has a considerable collection of various gemstone mostly of Norwegian origin, a number of meteorites and a sample from the Moon. About 50.000 specimens are registered, and the museum is noted for its rare pegmatite minerals from Norwegian syenites and granites. The microscope suite includes, amongst others, a Leica MZ12 stereomicroscope and an automated Leica MZ16 A, both equipped with fibre-optic illumination cables, and the MZ16 A also has a transmitted light source. (II Pol-BK) microscope, equipped with UV, reflected and transmitted light sources, and oil immersion objectives.

Fluorite, from mine "Kongsberg", Kongsberg, Norway. Collection: Geologisk Museum, Oslo, Norway. Photo: © Rainer Bode, Haltern.