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Vitreoretinal surgery demands experienced surgeons and precision technology. The surgeon operates with microscissors and forceps that are less than a millimeter thick. Swiss company Alcon Grieshaber is one of the world’s leading specialists in the design and manufacture of hand-held microinstruments for minimally invasive eye surgery.

The retina has 130 million sensory cells for capturing an image of the world around us. If they are damaged and die, our eyes lose their vision. Losing our eyesight is a terrible thought, but for most of us it is just as frightening to imagine an operation on our eyes. There are many causes for retinal damage or detachment or yellow spot (macula), and without an operation there is great danger of going blind. Statistically speaking, one in 10,000 people is affected. Thanks to modern eye surgery, however, the chances of fully restoring the patient’s eyesight are excellent if the problem is diagnosed early enough.

Scissors or forceps – hard to tell with the naked eye

Alcon Grieshaber AG in Schaffhausen, owend by Alcon, Inc., the world´s leading eye care company has played a major role in advancing minimally inva-sive retinal surgery and its handheld precision instruments still lead this market segment today.

The company has promoted the switchover to single-use instruments worldwide and perfected the instruments for minute dimensions. The tiny tools – scissors, forceps, hooks, knives, ἀuid handling instruments – At through an incision smaller than a millime-ter wide, the smallest of them measuring a mere 0.5 millimeter when closed. “Our technological lead cannot be seen by the naked eye, it is microscopic,” Jürg  Attinger, Manager of Alcon Grieshaber AG, describes his precision instruments.

Optically brilliant and cost-saving stereo microscopes

When it comes to microscopy, Alcon Grieshaber trusts in the stereo microscopes of Leica Microsystems. Besides the optical quality, the Schaffhausen specialists appreciate the LED illumination, the easy and convenient operation, the ergonomic design and the large field of view, especially the 23 mm field of view offered by the new generation of Leica M80 and M50. The Leica M205 with FusionOptics™ additionally provides the excellent depth of field and high resolution that are specifically useful for LEeD illumination. 20,000 kWh a year have already been saved with this energy-saving light source. The company also saves because of the much longer lifetimes of LEDs compared with conventional microscope lamps.

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