Choose the right digital microscope for your purposes

Digital microscopy is being recognized as a highly valuable method for an efficient and time-saving quality control process. Apart from its HD quality, it offers great advantages like easy sample inspection, detailed and precise quality control, and the possibility to analyze rough surfaces. But which one of the many digital microscopes is the right choice for you?

1. How do I choose the right digital microscope?  

Depending on the industry you work in, the requirements can vary, therefore, not every microscope is suitable for your needs. The most critical criterion when choosing a microscope is the required resolution. In this article, you can find 3 different Leica microscopes designed for different purposes and having different resolutions.

2. Which is the best digital microscope for the production line? 

What matters most for quality control at the production line is fast and accurate inspection, the possibility to make quick decisions, and easy report generation from the reliable measurements.

Leica DMS1000 digital microscope – fast, easy and accurate 
Low to middle resolution 

  • Produces HD images in no time
  • It is very intuitive, so easy to use
  • Enables accurate analysis via point to point measurement 

3. Which is the best digital microscope for detailed analysis? 

What really matters for detailed analysis are high-resolution images, an intuitive user interface, and accurate & reliable results.

Leica DVM6 digital microscope – high resolution, accurate and reliable 
Middle to high resolution 

  • Gives you high resolution over the complete zoom range 
  • Produces and recalls quickly reproducible results – encoded system parameters
  • Can be operated easily via one-hand movements 
  • Generates reports with one click

4. Which is the best digital microscope for micro- and nanoscale analysis?

What matters most for the analysis of samples at the micro- and nanoscale are a clear determination of surface parameters, precise measurements of roughness, and a high vertical resolution of 0.1 nm.

Leica DCM8 surface metrology system - precise 3D analysis at the micro- and nanoscale range 

High vertical resolution of 0,1 nm

  • Surface characterization with confocal mode, lateral resolution < 140 nm 
  • Surface roughness with interferometry modes vertical resolution 0.1 nm 
  • Achieves precise 2D & 3D measurements at the micro- and nanoscale 
  • Images with high depth of field using focus variation or Z- stacking

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