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Leica DMI3000 BLeica DMI3000 B

Configuration for ES Cell injection with Leica Manipulator

Offering bright field and dark field contrast, Integrated modulation contrast (IMC), polarization contrast and DIC, the inverted microscope is suitable for life science research and specially micromanipulation.

The Leica DMI3000 B outperforms not only the latest technical standards but also all ergonomic expectations. 


  • Mechanical coarse and fine focus drive
  • Mechanical 6-position M25 objective turret
  • Wide range of fixed stages and 3-plate xy-stages
  • Illumination arm with 12V/100 W halogen lamp
  • Condensers with integrated manual aperture diaphragm

Leica mechanical micromanipulator

The superior precision fine mechanics tool, developed and optimized over more than 40 years.


  • Reliable functioning
  • XY-Movement with ergonomic hanging joystick
  • Z-Movement with microscope type coarse and fine adjustment
  • Rapid prealignment of the micro tools with the individually adjustable instrument holders, saving valuable time
  • Smallest travel range approx. 0.25mm
  • Adjustable reduction rate

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Leica DMI3000 B