Count particles on filters quickly and easily

The new Cleanliness Expert software from Leica Microsystems is now available. It is an easy-to-use, optimal cleanliness solution to provide you with reliable, repeatable analysis results for your specific application needs.

Benefit from an exceptional, unique, customizable workflow solution in this new version:

  • Save time by analyzing more than one filter per batch
  • Classify your technical cleanliness by various international and internal standards as well as individual requirements
  • Take advantage of the expertise offered by two renowned companies: Leica Microsystems and PALL are working together to provide a unique, complete integrated workflow for component cleanliness. PALL is a well-known producer of washing cabinets and filters.

Obtaining cleanliness analysis results rapidly, accurately, and reliably is a significant advantage for manufacturers and component suppliers in automotive and other industries.

Cleanliness of parts and components largely influences performance, lifetime, and overall product quality. International and regional standards continually become more strict. Rigorous cleanliness analysis is more and more necessary to ensure compliance with such standards.

Contact your local Leica Microsystems representative or visit our webpage concerning the Cleanliness Expert software solution for more information.

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