EnFocus OCT fully integrated into the Proveo 8 microscope

At the 2019 ESCRS Congress in Paris, Leica Microsystems previewed their EnFocus intraoperative Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) system which is built into the stand of the Proveo 8 ophthalmic microscope*. This fully integrated solution will enable surgeons to bridge the gap between pre-operative assessment and intraoperative tissue reaction during complex cornea, glaucoma, and retinal surgeries.

EnFocus OCT enhances the ophthalmic surgeon’s view, providing cross-sectional images of subsurface ocular tissue details in real-time with ultra-HD resolution. It can help surgeons to overcome uncertainties in moments where they might ask themselves questions such as: Is there residual sub-retinal fluid? Is the glaucoma drainage device in the correct position? Does the corneal graft have the correct orientation? Dr. Barbara Parolini, Eyecare Clinic, Brescia, Italy, was one of the first to try this integrated solution in the OR and believes it provides her with a major advantage, “It makes the difference between compromise and perfection,” says Dr. Parolini. “You might think you are finished with the procedure, but only with OCT do you know for sure. Having this reassurance during each surgical step helps me to improve quality and empowers me to strive for perfection.”

“With full integration of EnFocus OCT into the Proveo 8 microscope, Leica Microsystems is further supporting surgeons in complex surgeries that aim to restore or improve vision for patients suffering chronic or severe visional diseases,” says Maxim Mamin, VP Medical Division at Leica Microsystems. “The additional information provided by OCT imaging can make a big difference in these cases as surgeons get an exact and immediate confirmation on how the fine ocular tissue reacts to their surgical maneuvers. With this information surgeons can adapt their surgical plan intraoperatively and apply their surgical skills with more certainty”.

The Proveo 8 microscope with EnFocus OCT built into the stand will provide surgeons with a comprehensive visualization system that is intuitive to use and supports an interruption-free workflow. The touch-screen interface of the Proveo 8 allows the surgeon to customize preferences quickly for fast pre-operative setup. The surgeon can easily activate the OCT image at any time via a footswitch and view either injected into the oculars or on a large HD monitor. No imaging technician is needed to support the OCT system. During procedures, surgeons can rely on focused live OCT visualization with stable image quality thanks to auto-image optimization, z-tracking, and contrast enhancement functions.

The adaptable Proveo 8 microscope platform also offers integrated HD 4K recording and documentation as well as IOLcompass Pro which provides precise, markerless intraoperative guidance templates for IOL placement. For wide-angle viewing of the fundus during vitreous surgery, ophthalmic surgeons have the choice of the RUV800 or the contact-free BIOM 5 from OCULUS with synchronized focus.

Following its preview at the ESCRS Congress in Paris, the Proveo 8 with integrated EnFocus OCT will be shown for the first time in the USA at the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) Annual Meeting in San Francisco, from October 12th-15th 2019.

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*The Proveo 8 ophthalmic microscope integrated with EnFocus OCT is currently under development and is not commercially available. Please contact your local Leica Microsystems representative for further information.

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