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Ergonomics applied to improving microscopy workstations

Ergonomics is not a slogan; it is a fundamental theme, which relates to the well-being of the individual when at work.

If basic ergonomic principles are followed during the creation of microscopical workstations, health problems are less likely to arise. As many as possible of the parameters involved need to be matched to one another so that the individual can work productively and without making mistakes, and so that eyes and muscles are not overtaxed. Each person has a different body build, and each activity has its own specific requirements. Consequently every workstation must be considered separately and equipped individually. The optimization process covers not only the workstation itself, but also the content and organization of the work, and the optical aid itself.

Finally, it must be emphasized that the initial high capital outlay invested in ergonomic workplaces and tooling pays for itself very quickly and brings long-term benefits for all concerned - through better performance, a higher-quality end product, and a lower failure rate.

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