Everyone on the same page with the latest version of AirLab App from Leica Microsystems

The AirLab App from Leica Microsystems is used to capture, measure, annotate, and archive microscope images with mobile devices. The popular app is not limited to the Wi-Fi Education Solutions from Leica Microsystems, it is also used in other areas, such as industry and life science research. Instant image sharing via tablet or smartphone saves users time. They can easily share images and involve others in group discussions.

With 3.3, the latest version of AirLab, users can now get a full-screen thumbnail overview with live images of all connected microscopes. In education this gives teachers a nice overview of their students’ microscope stations and helps to engage them by selecting their images for the course work. Students on the other hand can view images of their classmates and capture or annotate those with just a few taps. 

The live image thumbnail overview is also useful for experts in industrial applications to e.g. monitor multiple microscopes remotely and consult users.

The AirLab App works with network capable cameras like IC90 E, ICC50 W & ICC50 E and microscopes with integrated cameras like the EZ4 W & EZ4 E, or the S9 i stereo microscope. 

AirLab is available for free at the App Store or Google Play. Corresponding camera firmware is available for download from the products’ web pages. 

Make sure to update to version 3.3 of AirLab and the latest firmware for your camera to benefit from the new thumbnail function of AirLab.

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