Experience the Award-Winning Leica M530 OH6 for Neurosurgery at CNS Annual Meeting

The Leica M530 OH6 surgical microscope from Leica Microsystems has been selected by the Congress of Neurological Surgeons as one of only five products to be featured in the Innovations Showcase at their 2015 Annual Meeting. The CNS Annual Meeting takes place from September 26 to 30 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Visitors can experience the Leica M530 OH6 for themselves by visiting the Innovations Showcase area of the congress and at Leica Microsystems’ booth #223.

The Leica M530 OH6 features exclusive TriFluoro technology, which allows three different fluorescence modes to be integrated into one microscope. This offers flexibility for different surgical procedures and research, as well as the option to upgrade whenever required. For optimal spatial visualization, groundbreaking FusionOptics technology is also integrated into the microscope. By combining high resolution imaging with enhanced depth of field, FusionOptics delivers a larger three-dimensional area in full focus. The comprehensive ergonomic concept of the microscope helps surgeons and assistants to maintain a comfortable upright working posture which reduces neck and back strain.

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