Fast image capture with precise colors for every situation

What if you could use a digital camera that produces in seconds crisp images, showing brilliant colors without artifacts, for any specimen and lighting mode? The newly released DMC6200 pixel shift camera from Leica Microsystems can deliver the outstanding images you are expecting with its state-of-the-art CMOS sensor.

From the lowest to highest magnification, the DMC6200 camera picks up the most subtle color differences through multiple sampling. The outstanding sharpness and exact color measurement for each pixel produces true-to-life, stunning images.

The camera’s sensor has a 5.86 µm pixel size, 2.3 megapixel sensor resolution, and an astounding dynamic range of 73 dB (4000:1). With pixel shift, an image resolution of up to 20.7 megapixels is achieved in just a few seconds. The camera has an exceptional light sensitivity and clearly differentiates between the brightest and darkest points in the image.

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