Tile scan image of Mouse brain tissue section with multicolor immunofluorescent labelingTile scan image of Mouse brain tissue section with multicolor immunofluorescent labeling

Find the Missing Links in Advanced Live Cell Research - Leica launches DMi8 S live cell imaging solution

"Live-cell imaging is the future in discoveries. Gaining insight on dynamic processes is key to understand the mechanisms, potential treatments and prevention of human diseases," said Markus Lusser, President of Leica Microsystems. "These new DMi8 S developments have far reaching utility. Whether studying neuroscience, cancer, or immunology, researchers can use the DMi8 S to get elusive answers to their questions and find the links to our complex biology."

The DMi8 S imaging solution from Leica provides 5x more speed, and an increased viewing area up to 10,000x. This can be combined with the new photomanipulation scanner to activate, ablate, and bleach within one experiment. For super resolution and nanoscopy, the Infinity TIRF has been added allowing simultaneous multi-color imaging with single molecule resolution. This allows researchers to see more, see faster, and find the hidden, opening up the next chapter in widefield imaging.

The Leica DMi8 S will be launched at the 17th International European Light Microscopy Initiative Meeting (ELMI) May 23 - 26, in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Visit www.leica-microsystems.com/dmi8 for more information on the new Leica DMi8 S.


At the heart of the DMi8 S is a newly added Synapse real-time controller that enables users to get their data more quickly and gather finer time-resolved data. In addition the new LAS X Navigator is a powerful GPS style overview tool to visualize all types of samples including slides, dishes and multi well plates.

Utilizing the modular Infinity Port architecture of the DMi8 S, Leica has added advanced fluorescence capabilities with the Infinity TIRF and the Infinity Scanner. With the highly flexible Infinity TIRF module, researchers can execute simultaneous multicolor EPI, Hi-Lo and TIRF illumination as well as a high power illumination option for super resolution applications like GSD/ dSTORM and PALM.

The Infinity Scanner photomanipulation module gives users an unprecedented multimodal ability to use the latest developments in photoactivatable and photo switchable fluorescent proteins. Researchers can now interact directly with and initiate events in living cells by performing a combination of tasks like photobleaching, photoconversion, optogenetics and ablation within a single experiment.

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Tile scan image of Mouse brain tissue section with multicolor immunofluorescent labeling

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