Leica FS4000 - Comparison MicroscopeLeica FS4000 - Comparison Microscope

Forensic Microscopes for crime scene and trace evidence investigation and documentation

Leica Microsystems offers ideal solutions for each of these steps - from the first macroscopic investigation, microscopic analysis and forensic comparisons right through to time-saving documentation using digital photography and image databases.

Leica Microsystems Forensic Microscopes

All of these systems have one thing in common: their development is based on both Leica Microsystems’s long tradition in building comparison macroscopes and microscopes and co-operation with forensic institutions throughout the world, leading to unparalleled competence in the area of criminal investigation techniques.

The faster substances can be identified, the faster they can provide an indication of suspected culprits. However, in-depth chemical procedures take time. In such cases, a look through the forensic microscope can often provide some initial information. Chemical substances or glass splinters can be identified by their optical characteristics (such as birefringence, refraction index, crystal class), and even organic compounds such as cell swabs, blood or soil samples may provide information about their origin.

Leica Microsystems supplies a whole series of precision forensic microscopes for these application areas: from an instrument for routine investigations to a high-end research microscope, which can carry out all investigation methods and contrast techniques.

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Leica FS4000 - Comparison Microscope