Full-HD Image Injection Module for Surgical Microscopes

To make confident decisions during neurosurgery, surgeons often require several different pieces of image data to have a complete picture of the surgical area, for example from IGS systems, fluorescence or endoscope.

Without image injection, the surgeon needs to look at a screen to view this data. With CaptiView, the image injection module for Leica M530 surgical microscopes, high-resolution, high-contrast data is injected directly in the microscope eyepieces, allowing the surgeon to remain focused on the patient.

Leica has worked in close partnership with a number of providers of IGS systems, also known as neuronavigation, to ensure full compatibility with the CaptiView module and M530 surgical microscopes. Images such as original CT, MRI, and angiogram datasets can be overlaid onto the live surgical image in the microscope eyepieces. The CaptiView system also facilitates injection of real-time images from FL800 vascular fluorescence and endoscope, providing the surgeon with even more information about critical brain structures. 

The CaptiView image injection module has been designed with a 1920 x 1080 pixel full-HD LCD display and bright backlight resulting in brilliant images with 500:1 contrast and 2.6 times higher resolution than previous image injection systems from Leica. When combined with the advanced optical design of the M530 microscopes, including FusionOptics technology, the surgeon benefits from outstanding visualization of both the surgical site and injected data. Integration with M530 microscopes offers surgeons the additional advantage of simple operation via microscope handgrip or wireless footswitch, further supporting the surgical workflow.

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