Gareth Jackson Proudly Presents: The New Leica EM ICE High-Pressure Freezer

Dr. Chris Parmenter, Editor of Microscopy and Analysis went round MMC in Manchester, UK, and invited people to explain their exhibits. Our colleague Gareth Jackson presented our latest innovation in EM sample preparation, the Leica EM ICE High-Pressure Freezer with integrated light stimulation at the precision of a millisecond.

"We developed the Leica EM ICE to meet the needs of researchers not only in the task of cell biology industries, but also in cytogenetics, neurobiology, and industrial sectors as well," Jackson explains. "We developed the integrated light stimulation. This allows the user to stimulate a cell’s freezing under controlled methods and to control the different wavelengths to stimulate the cell. Also, users can concentrate on sample loading. The instrument itself will take over and control the parameters that are needed for a successful freeze."

Would you like to see our Leica EM ICE in action (Youtube Video)?

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