Get to Know Our New Upright Microscopes of the DM series

Life Science Research

Increase your work efficiency in biomedical research or clinical labs with the Leica DM4 B and Leica DM6 B upright research microscopes. Their intelligent automation simplifies your workflow and using the 19 mm camera imaging port and an sCMOS camera enables you to acquire publication-ready images.

Laser Microdissection

Leica laser microsdissection systems (LMD) move the laser, not the sample, and collect with gravity. Result: precisely cut and contamination-free dissectates. The Leica LMD6 and Leica LMD7 are available with LED illumination for homogeneous lighting if samples and constant color temperature.

Neurosciences and Evolutionary Biology

Sample access, electric stability, and flexibility in design matters to researchers in neuro sciences or evolutionary biology. The Leica DM6 FS fulfils all their requirements and surpasses their expectations.

Materials Science and Materials Analysis

If you need to image, measure, and analyze similar features across many samples and materials? The Leica DM4 M and Leica DM6 M are the Industrial Microscopes for you, whether microscopy novice or professional.

Polarization Microscopy

With the Leica DM4 P, you can investigate crystalline structures, be it minerals, plastics and polymers, drugs and pharmaceuticals, or pigments and cement. The instrument is coded and semi-automated, so that several steps of your workflow are combined into one push of a button.

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