We’ve translated the most important terms and abbreviations:


stands for Charged Coupled Device. A CCD is a light-sensitive electronic component used as a sensor in digital cameras. A CCD sensor accommodates an array of small light-sensitive elements that measure the amount of light striking the surface and store it as an electric charge. Each of the series-connected pixels passes its charge to its neighbor, and at the end of the line the voltage is converted via transistors. This makes the CCD extremely sensitive to light. The disadvantage is that an overcharged or defective pixel can cause the failure of an entire scanning line.


stands for Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor. Like CCDs, CMOS are used as sensors in digital cameras. One of the differences is how they process the signal: CMOS devices use several transistors for each diode (the light-sensitive component). As a result, the pixels are read one at a time. CMOS image sensors are less expensive to produce and consume less power than CCD sensors. Also, CMOS sensors can simultaneously act as analog-to-digital converters and control camera settings such as white balance. However, they frequently have the disadvantage of being less sensitive to light.

Image noise

Pixels of different light intensity and color in a large area an image with just one color are called image noise. The longer the exposure time, the stronger the image noise, unless a noise suppression function is applied.

Pixel clock rate

Pixel clock rate is a key specification for CCD cameras. It indicates the individual pixel readout speed and is often given in Megahertz. So the pixel clock rate tells you how long the camera takes to read every single pixel.


stands for eXtended Graphics Array and designates a standard resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

USB 3.0

The latest standard for USB connectors is USB 3.0. Compared with their predecessors, USB 2.0, these have five extra contacts and a transmission rate of up to ten times higher. They are therefore much faster than their predecessors.