High Magnification Sperm inspection (IMSI)

Prior to sperm injection the morphology of the sperm cell is evaluated with high magnification DIC microscopy.
Leica Microsystems offers an aplication optimized system called the Leica "Big S". This has been developped in close cooperation with the lab of Prof. S. Viville, Strassbourg, France. Leica AM6000 with "Big S" has been installed in multiple IVF labs.

Discover the fine structure of living sperm with Interference contrast

  • Superb objective HCX PL FLUOTAR 100x/ 1.30 oil
  • Continuous increase and decrease of magnification and your sperm! Without changing objectives
  • Magnify sperm –approx. 16000 x on a 19" monitor
  • Ergonomic and – Simple handling
  • Leica DFC 290 digital camera – Brilliant life image with high refreshing rate
  • Leica evaluation software – Measure and qualify sperm morphology
  • Adaptable to all Leica DMI
  • Leica AM6000 - Big S association – Workflow optimised system to control microscope and micromanipulator simultaneously
  • ICSI and IMSI on one station

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