High resolution Greenough stereo microscopes

Leica has developed the S9 Greenough stereo microscope series to help you optimize your production workflow, in order to keep defect rates low, and fulfill customer requests effortlessly.

Operators can quickly switch from an overview to the smallest detail with only a few taps thanks to a high magnification range from 6.1x – 55x and a 9:1 zoom range. What is more, the S9 stereo microscopes all feature unique Fusion Optics technology from Leica. Sample details within a 12 mm height range, can be viewed in full focus with high resolution. Extra steps, like constant refocusing are eliminated as operators see more in one glance. This boosts efficiency and saves up to 20% working time.

The S9 stereo microscopes offer a 122 mm large working distance for convenient inspection and manipulation under the microscope. Operators can access samples with ease when using standardized tweezers or other manipulation tools.

Available in three different configurations, the S9 series offers a suitable solutions to meet individual needs and budgets:

  • S9 E: View samples exclusively through the eyepiece
  • S9 i:  Integrated 10 MP-camera for instant digital image sharing
  • S9 D:  Use the built-in documentation port to add a camera at any time

For more information go to the S series product page.

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* compared to the S6 standard industrial stereo microscope from Leica

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