High-throughput capability for Laser Microdissection Devices

The latest hardware and software features for the Leica LMD systems reveal key new advantages in terms of sample throughput with standard 96-well plates and the devices’ ease of use. 

These advantages are made possible by the release of the new scanning stage LMT350 ultra and new software features.

High-Throughput Capability

The new fast, silent and ultraprecise scanning stage enables customers to do high-throughput experiments.

The specimen carrier of the LMT350 ultra supports up to:

  • 4 slides
  • 2 large slides (optional inlays)
  • 2 Petri dishes (optional inlays)
  • 2 Ibidi slides (18-wells) or stacks (optional inlays)

or combinations of these.

The standard collection device (Multicollector) supports up to 4 of either the 0.2 ml or 0.5 ml PCR tube caps used in combination with:

  • a 1.5 ml tube cap which can have a filled cap in direct contact with the specimen to pick-up dissectates
  • 1x 8- or 1x 12-cap strips.

In addition, a collector for 96-well (semi-skirted or non-skirted) standard PCR plates is included with the stage package. Additional collection devices for 96-well LCC (live cell culture) plates, as well as inlays for Petri dishes and 18-well Ibidi slides (both up to 2 in parallel) are available upon request. 

The direct usage of standard 96-well PCR plates is a special feature for high-throughput experiments. They support laboratory standards and reduce costs as no expensive consumables, such as special adhesive devices for capture, are required. Researchers can use plates that they directly load into standard PCR machines.

Improved Ease of Use

The new software version includes several improvements with regard to user-friendliness and hardware support. For example, wizards for set-up and shading correction will save precious time. Other features, such as the Calibration Display, will improve system control. The Database Speed Function enables the display alignment of the live image and database browser window.

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