ICSI configuration with Eppendorf NK2

Leica DMI3000 B
Offering bright field and dark field contrast, Integrated modulation contrast (IMC), polarization contrast and DIC, the inverted microscope is suitable for life science research and specially micromanipulation.
The Leica DMI3000 B outperforms not only the latest technical standards but also all ergonomic expectations.


  • Mechanical coarse and fine focus drive
  • Mechanical 6-position M25 objective turret
  • Wide range of fixed stages and 3-plate xy-stages
  • Illumination arm with 12V/100 W halogen lamp
  • Condensers with integrated manual aperture diaphragm

Eppendorf ® TransferMan® NK2
With its improved proportional kinetics and menu-driven control, TransferMan NK2 offers an excellent combination of automatic processes and intuitive operation. Even the most complex micromanipulation can be performed rapidly, simply, and precisely.


  • Improved proportional kinetics for intuitive control of manipulation
  • Menu-driven programming with storage of user profiles
  • Small steps for fine movement
  • High maximum speed for rapid work
  • Storage facility for three independent work positions
  • Integrated coarse and fine manipulator with a working range of >20 mm per axis
  • Programmable Z-axis limit for defined injection level avoids capillary breakage
  • Automated Home function for rapid capillary exchange