Immersive 3D experience for neurosurgery with ARveo

Leica Microsystems has further enhanced the 3D visualization capabilities of its ARveo digital augmented reality microscope. Surgeons can now choose to operate “heads-up” looking straight ahead at a large 4K 3D screen. Working heads-up provides surgeons with an even more immersive surgical experience by displaying the minute anatomical details on a much larger scale. The technology also provides ergonomic advantages as the surgeon is able to maintain an upright posture. The surgical field is displayed in 4K 3D resolution on a microscope-mounted 31-inch monitor or optionally on a flexible, 55-inch cart-mounted monitor.

Share the view in 3D

Displaying the surgical field in 3D on a large monitor offers the additional benefit of enabling the entire OR team to share the same view with full depth perception. This can support both engagement and learning. An identical surgical view may also help the OR team to anticipate the next step in the surgical workflow. For documentation and viewing beyond the OR, 3D video can be live streamed or recorded at the touch of a button.

Feel the ergonomic benefits

By choosing to operate “heads-up” both main surgeon and assistant can view the surgical site looking straight ahead rather than looking through eyepieces. This supports a fully upright, neutral posture and limits physical strain on the spine, which can have a compounding effect over years in the OR. The integrated and optional cart-mounted monitors can be flexibly positioned to achieve optimal viewing positions.

Further augment your intrasurgical information

The option to work “heads-up” further supplements the comprehensive visualization offered by the ARveo digital augmented reality surgical microscope, which was launched earlier this year. The ARveo was designed to provide surgeons with a single, augmented view of the surgical field to support intrasurgical decision-making. The microscope incorporates groundbreaking GLOW800 AR* fluorescence which takes the high contrast of the fluorescence signal provided by ICG and combines it with the white light image. The result is a single view of cerebral anatomy in natural color, augmented by real-time vascular flow. The ARveo also integrates data from leading image guided surgery systems and displays images from endoscopes. Visual information can be injected into the  eyepieces, or displayed on one of the large screens, further supporting intrasurgical insight.

Visit the Arveo product page for more information and to book a demo.

*GLOW800 AR fluorescence is not available in 3D

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