Inspect 6" wafers fast with 30% more field of view

Inspection, process control or defect and failure analysis in the microelectronics and semiconductor industry must be fast and accurate. That’s why Leica Microsystems has developed the highly efficient DM3 XL inspection system for routine applications. 

The DM3 XL inspection system offers a unique macro objective with a 35.7 mm field of view – 30% more than with conventional scanning objectives. Operators can easily scan large components up to 6” rapidly and detect defects fast. Insufficient development at the edge or within the center of a wafer, as well as uneven radial film thicknesses can be made visible.

For various sample sizes types, the DM3 XL system offers a choice of different stage inserts such as metal inserts, wafer holders or mask holders. Operators can easily locate the samples and areas of interest on the stage. The 150 mm x 150 mm stage offers the possibility for quick coarse or fine stage positioning.

Because comfortable working conditions lead to higher efficiency and better quality, Leica Microsystems has designed a highly user-friendly operation concept. With easily reachable controls, users can leave their eyes on the sample and hands on the microscope while switching contrast techniques or illumination. With integrated LED illumination the
DM3 XL system provides a constant color temperature and offers real color imaging at all intensity levels. 

Easily upgrade by choosing a dedicated software module and a microscope camera for efficient and high-quality analysis and documentation. 

More information on our DM3 XL inspection system product page

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