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Leica Application Suite LAS

The Leica Application Suite (LAS) integrates Leica automated microscopes, digital cameras, and software into one common environment and provides an easy-to-use, consistent user interface. The core version LAS Core includes the microscope and camera controls as well as documentation tools. High-resolution imaging is performed in real-time – ideal for industrial applications such as quality control. A broad range of modules can be added to LAS. The common, easy-to-use interface uses workflow technology and automates routine tasks to reduce time of repetitive functions for convenience and efficiency.

24 different modules help to configure your microscope system to your needs. Thus you are ready for current and future challenges. The most important modules at a glance:

LAS Interactive Measurement

LAS Interactive Measurement is designed to simplify the manual tasks involved when deriving calibrated measurement parameters such as length, area, perimeter, diameter and angles. Users can apply measurements to one image or multiple images to determine statistical trends.

LAS Multifocus

LAS Multifocus extends the depth of focus of your microscope. The software captures a stack of images at different focus positions. These images are then combined into a single image all in-focus parts of the stack. Exposure, gain, shading and all other camera parameters can be individually set to optimize the quality of image acquisition.

LAS Image Analysis

LAS Image Analysis automatically performs feature detection, measurement and the evaluation of multiple image features. Analysis tools such as histograms, pie charts and statistics help create significant, relevant results that can be exported to Microsoft Excel. Saves and recreates the exact same settings and configuration for future analysis.

LAS Extended Annotation

LAS Extended Annotation allows graphic elements and text to be added to images. The sophisticated annotation tools include lines, arrows, shapes, image times and text which can be drawn as a separate layer upon an image so that the original file remains intact. The scale bar tool provides a visible indication of an image size calculated directly from the known microscope optical conditions.

Ten expert modules are tailor-made for specific applications and their requirements and include real expert knowledge. Learn more about some common expert modules:

Leica Steel Expert 2.0

Leica Steel Expert 2.0 runs an automatic steel inclusion rating program that inspects samples for non-metallic inclusions and provides fast, accurate, and reproducible purity measurements of steel alloys. Leica Steel Expert 2.0 is specifically tailored to the user’s workflow, offering a clearly designed, intuitive interface.

Leica Cleanliness Expert

Leica Cleanliness Expert allows to classify, characterize, and measure particles down to 5 micrometer size. Fibers and particles are detected in the live image and reflecting particles can be differentiated from non-reflect¬ing ones. The system is able to fully reproduce any number of measurement parameters and microscope and camera settings, and all the changes are docu¬mented in the report.

Leica Grain Expert

Leica Grain Expert is a software for automatic, objective and repeatable grain size analysis and complies with a wide range of appropriate grain standards including ASTM, JIS and ISO. Grain size analysis is used in the evaluation of the properties of materials helping to determine the characteristics of the final product.

Leica Phase Expert

With Leica Phase Expert there is no need for tedious manual measurements as the software provides automatic, objective and repeatable measurement of multi-phase microstructures. For example, reflectivity of components in oil-shale; polarisation colours of constituents in a thin rock section for modal analysis.

Leica Quantimet Software-Package

As quantitative Metallography comprises of a wide range of different analyses, Leica Microsystems offers a dedicated software package for specific applications. Choose between the core version Leica Quantimet, Leica Quantimet Non-ferrous Alloy, Leica Quantimet Steel and Leica Quantimet Research. Find more information on the Leica Quantimet product page.

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