Ion Beam Polishing for Large Areas

The Leica EM TIC 3X is used for cross sectioning of almost any material. Prepared surfaces using the ion beam etching technique offer the optimum conditions for SEM microstructure analysis (EDS, WDS, EBSD…). Mechanical artefacts such as smearing, dislocations and scratches can be eliminated with the help of the ion beam cross section method.

However, although the surface area of the sample prepared with the Leica EM TIC 3X is more than 4x1mm, this could be too little for good quantitative results.

As of now, an additional module offered with the Leica EM TIC 3X covers the need for large and well prepared areas. This module is called Rotary Stage and provides ion beam polished surfaces of more than Ø25mm. Together with the cross sectioning modules (stages) the Leica EM TIC 3X can now be used to fulfil the complete range of surface preparation for SEM microstructure analysis at a very high quality level.

View the video: Rotary stage for Leica EM TIC 3X

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