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Joint Leica Microsystems and Eppendorf Movie on IMSI

The Leica AM6000 integrates a fully automated inverted research microscope with Eppendorf’s innovative electronic micromanipulators. Its unique advantages specifically for Intracytoplasmic Morphologically-Selected Sperm Injection (IMSI)- an important technique used in human reproductive medicine - are now documented in a short digital video presentation, available for viewing on the companies’ websites as well as on Youtube.

With special focus on workflow optimization Leica and Eppendorf experts created the Leica AM6000, an easy-to-use system which provides brilliant, razor-sharp images and enables convenient, accurate manipulation of specimens. Dr Werner Wittke, Global Product Manager Micromanipulation, Leica Microsystems, explains, ‘When we asked users worldwide about their needs the main message was: “We would like a single control unit to operate both the microscope functions and micromanipulators.” We succeeded in converting these suggestions into reality and we now have a uniquely integrated system – the Leica AM6000.’

IMSI is an advanced technique applying DIC microscopy for the evaluation of the morphology of individual sperm cells prior to intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). The Leica AM6000 is ideally suited to this application, enabling magnification to over 10,000fold on a computer screen for the analysis of sperm morphology.

The Leica AM6000 enables recall of multiple user selected positions for the microcapillary, as well as combinations of magnification, focus and contrast methods. The manipulator sensitivity is automatically adjusted so that movements are correlated to the microscope magnification in use and thus improving protection of the delicate samples.

Dr Heide Niesalla, Global Product Manager Cell Technology, Eppendorf AG, commented, ‘The new IMSI application video illustrates the benefits of optimizing workflow through close integration of Leica’s superb microscope imaging technology with Eppendorf’s expertise in high precision micromanipulation. With all main functions of microscope and micromanipulators controlled from a single panel on the Leica AM6000, operation is safer and more efficient, system vibration is reduced and time is saved, both in training and in routine work.’

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