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LAS EZ 3.0 – New Features for Leica LAS EZ


  • White Balance controls and new Movie capture control are at the top panel for easy and early access
  • Movie capability allows the recording of a 30 second movie in an AVI format for easy playback within LAS EZ or with another media player
  • Multiple cameras can be connected and easily selected for simultaneously using the same PC with different microscopes
  • Calibration of up to 12 different magnification settings for repeatable measurements
  • Calibration of the Magnifications on a live image of known dimension for critical measuring
  • Annotations are easily deleted by simply moving the cursor over the target line and pressing  “delete” after the cursor changes to a target shape
  • Magnification value added to “File Information” in Browse View for repeatable imaging
  • Calibration Tab removed from Process View and replaced with “Update Calibration” for easy changing of the calibration settings

Download LAS EZ 3.0 Software

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