Leica Cleanliness Expert – Quality Control in Manufacturing Processes

Leica Cleanliness Expert is an all-in-one solution consisting of a microscope, a digital camera and analysis software. With all systems, analyses can be performed according to national and international standards. Leica Cleanliness Expert provides information on:

  • the number of particles and thus the degree of contamination,
  • the size (length, height, breadth) and the damage potential of the particle,
  • reflective or non-reflective particles, enabling you to make a preliminary assessment of metallic particle content,
  • differentiation between particles and fibers to identify the source of contamination.

As the relevance of the above criteria may vary depending on the product and its application, Leica Cleanliness Expert also offers user-defined configuration and classification options. For example, you can store any number of measurement protocols.

During the measurement, Leica Cleanliness Expert composes an overview image of the measured sample and displays the number of detected particles plus the largest detected particle in a status window. You can zoom into the overview image as it is being built to obtain information on sample preparation and the analysis result in the shortest time possible.

The user interface is clearly designed and easy to use, guiding the user through all the main functions. All the detected particles or fibers can be defined according to different measurement parameters (feret length, perimeter, breadth-to-length ratio). You can store any number of software, microscope and camera settings and recall them for later analysis routines.

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