Leica DMS or Leica DVM? How to Decide Between the Two

The Leica DMS300 is an all-in-one system for fast digital imaging and inspection. Everything you need to set up the digital microscope is already included, so you needn’t invest any time or knowledge selecting the necessary components and there’s no risk of making wrong decisions. As it comes already configured and ready for use, the Leica DMS300 is the ideal instrument for users without knowledge of microscopy in particular.

The Leica DMS1000 offers special features for demanding measuring tasks: The encoded zoom for automatic calibration of the digital images ensures correct and traceable measurement results – even in stand-alone mode. The FlexAperture keeps the exposure time constant over the entire zoom range. If it should become necessary to change the exposure time or camera setting when viewing a complicated sample, the entire zoom range can be used without re-adjusting the settings. This enables a faster workflow. Telecentric optics are optionally available for even higher measurement accuracy, reproducibility and reliability.   

The Leica DMS1000 offers a quick start to digital microscopy, as it is compatible with all the components of the Leica M series – stand, base, microscope carrier. An upgrade from the Leica MZ7.5 to the Leica DMS1000 is no problem at all.

Leica DVM Microscopes are designed for detailed analysis in 2D or 3D and complex measurements. They are also capable of capturing and analyzing topographical details and multifocus images.

With the flexible tilting stand and streamlined zoom optics, DVM microscopes allow maximum room for maneuver, reaching even difficult-to-access surfaces and allowing non-destructive inspection of large stationary parts.

Users of Leica DVM microscopes also benefit from particularly efficient documentation: Thanks to the many software modules from the Leica Application Suite there are only a few work steps from the sample to the complete report.

Due to the easily changeable zoom optics, users can match the magnification range to their individual needs. A choice of adapters produce the desired illumination and contrast techniques ranging from ring illumination/brightfield to darkfield and coaxial illumination. Thanks to the powerful LED illumination, image recording is always reproducible.

The DVM5000 HD is the microscope that comes to the sample: a high-contrast full HD monitor, LED illumination and all the drive controls are integrated in one main instrument. Together with the compact zoom system, it forms a portable all-in-one system.

The special advantage of the Leica DVM2500 s its flexibility. As a modular system consisting of zoom optics with optimally matched digital camera and software, the Leica DVM2500 offers great scope for configuring exactly the digital solution you need from Leica Microsystems’ comprehensive range of products and accessories. The Leica Sales team will be glad to help you choose the right configuration. 

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