Leica LMD software V7.5.1 release (World****Champion edition)

We are happy to release our new Leica LMD software V7.5.1 as a special World Champion edition. The new Software combines established, new and latest feature for best results. The highlights of the latest versions V7.5 and V7.5.1 are:

  • Extended toolbox for shape definition

    • exceed the FOV (field of view) with the point-to-point (PtoP) tool - dissect areas of any size and shape!
    • manipulate applied shapes  (expand, shrink, reposition, rotate and move)- best fitting shapes to your target
    • laser screw visualization - control the steps in Z-cutting

  • Improved AVC Software - distinguish neighboring colors, define the step size between FOVs to get all you need

  • Remote navigation - stage navigation completely software controlled for remote access and control of the system

  • Time lapse extension - monitor your experiments in detail

  • … many more features are available, get in touch with your local Leica support to learn more!

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