Leica Microsystems and University Mainz cooperate for a Microscopy Reference Center

An agreement between Leica Microsystems and the Cell Biology Unit (CBU) of the Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz in Germany has led to the creation of a new Reference Center for Light Microscopy.

The Reference Center will allow scientists at the CBU to have access to the most modern light microscopy technologies, such as a SP8 multiphoton confocal system, so they can visualize cell structures at the sub-micrometer and nanoscale.

At the same time, Leica Microsystems can take advantage of the knowledge and experience of CBU scientists with the goal of developing higher performance microscopes to meet the future needs of its customers. The Reference Center will also serve as a Demo Center for Leica microscope technology.

Leica Microsystems’ associates and scientists at the University Medical Center in Mainz can exchange ideas via close collaboration at the Reference Center. Such an interaction will likely lead to improvements and new developments in light microscopy concerning processes and methods used in cell biology research.

For more details, refer to the recent press release (in German) from the University Medical Center in Mainz.

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