Laser Microdissection Workshop BrazilLaser Microdissection Workshop Brazil

Leica Microsystems Brazil Scores With Laser Microdissection Workshop

From May 5 to 9, 18 Brazilian participants from different universities came together at the Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura/USP (CENA)to learn more about sample preparation for laser microdissection and target-isolation via laser microdissection.

“The target of this event was to make our customers more confident with our systems”, Mateus Avilé, Regional Sales Manager of Leica Microsystems Brazil, Life Science Division, explains. Supported by Dr. Falk Schlaudraff, Product Manager of Laser Microdissection, Leica Microsystems, Wetzlar, Germany, the participants went through presentations and practical insights, using the laser microdissection system Leica LMD7000. “The workshop started with theoretical basics and a scientific talk about single-cell isolation of human neurons via LMD”, Schlaudraff explains. “Following this, all participants did their own cryo thin-section with different samples like tissue-sections, chromosome preparations or soya-seeds. They stained it with hematoxylin and eosin (H&E staining) on the membrane slides of the LMD and dissected them on the Leica LMD7000 system.”

The Workshop was a total success. “Our customers came together and started to exchange a lot of information regarding experiences they made with the Leica LMD system and also the upstream preparation steps using a Leica microtome for cryosectioning. They became a kind of Leica LMD-Brazil-community”, Avilé says. “Our target was reached with this event and I have already received the feedback from all of them, thanking for this opportunity to increase their knowledge.”

If you want to learn more about Leica LMD systems, visit our Leica Science Lab and read an interesting article about how to use modern laser microdissection methods to isolate and analyze cells from post mortem tissue specimens taken from M. Parkinson patients in order to gain molecular insight into the disease. For more information about the technique, find a reference list with present current papers on

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Laser Microdissection Workshop Brazil