Leica Microsystems Presents Latest Innovations in ENT Surgical Microscopes at the Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meetings (COSM) May 14 to 18

As part of this year’s Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meetings (COSM) May 14 to 18 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Leica Microsystems will show the latest innovations and enhancements of the operating microscopes Leica M320 F12 and Leica M720 OH5 for otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, Throat, ENT) surgery at Leica Microsystems’ booth #508. The Leica M320 F12 is now equipped with the new Leica M320 MultiFoc objective lens for easy  depth of field adjustments and an HD camera for high quality documentation. The Leica M720 OH5 with integrated TrueVision® 3D technology provides 3D and 2D visualization and recording during surgery.

The surgical microscope Leica M320 F12 is equipped with the new apochromatic Leica M320 MultiFoc objective, giving the surgeon a clearer and sharper image. With an adjustment knob, surgeons can quickly and easily adjust the focal length as well as the working distance without interrupting surgical workflow or changing working position. This helps surgeons operate efficiently and easily without breaking concentration. For high-quality documentation, the Leica M320 F12 is also equipped with a new high-definition 1080p camera. All data can be saved on an integrated SD card, giving the surgeon an effective way to communicate with patients and their families as well as colleagues.

Surgeons as well as the entire surgical team benefit from the 3D visualization of microsurgical operations with the Leica M720 OH5 microscope with TrueVision® 3D technology. With this technology, all assistants, nurses and residents share the surgeon’s view in real time. The 3D visualization improves the understanding of complex procedures, anatomy and enhances learning. All surgeries can be recorded, documented, and shared easily. As the 3D technology is built into the microscope, no additional cart is needed, saving space in the OR.

Additionally, Dr. Lorne S. Parnes from Western University in London, Ontario, Canada, will give an exclusive in-booth video presentation on May 17 about his experiences using 3D visualization and recording for neurotologic surgery. He is a Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology and Neck Surgery and Clinical Neurological Sciences. He is also the Medical and Surgical Director of the London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) Cochlear Implant Program. 

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