Leica Microsystems Presents New Surgical Microscope for Neurosurgery at the EANS in Prague, Czech Republic

At the 15th European Congress of Neurosurgery (EANS), October 12 to 17 in Prague, Czech Republic, Leica Microsystems will unveil a new surgical microscope for neurosurgery to the public for the first time on booth #32. The multi-purpose surgical microscope Leica M525 F50 and the TrueVision 3D surgical visualization and recording system will also be shown.

Leica Microsystems’ surgical microscopes are designed to respond to the rigorous demands of microsurgery, delivering clear and sharply focused images while the ergonomic design gives surgeons optimum maneuverability and allows them to work in a comfortable posture. At Leica Microsystems’ booth #32, visitors will be introduced to Leica Microsystems’ new neurosurgical microscope which is designed to take optical and ergonomic benefits to the next level. The microscope features FusionOptics technology which combines high resolution imaging with enhanced depth of field to deliver a larger three-dimensional area in full focus. The 400 W Xenon light and small angle illumination (SAI) further enhance depth perception and the visualization within deep, narrow cavities. Intelligent ergonomic design helps surgeons and assistants to maintain a comfortable upright working position to reduce strain. Leica Microsystems’ OpenArchitecture ensures that the microscope can be configured to meet surgical imaging needs today and in the future.

Also, the TrueVision 3D surgical visualization and recording system will be shown at the congress. TrueVision 3D can greatly enhance neurosurgery education, providing all staff and students with the same 3D view as the surgeon.

To experience these latest innovations for yourself, visit our booth #32 at the Prague Convention Center, 5. Kvetna 65 in 140 21 Praha 4, Czech Republic.

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