Leica Microsystems Presents Surgical Microscopes at Arab Health 2015 in Dubai

Leica Microsystems will exhibit at this year’s Arab Health, The Middle East Exhibition for the Healthcare and Dental Industry, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, January 26 to 29. At booth SAA13, visitors can experience the True Vision 3D technology for surgical procedure in neurosurgery and ophthalmology. Leica Microsystems will present our neurosurgical microscope Leica M530 OH6. It has been conceived to help surgeons stay focused with innovative FusionOptics for enhanced image clarity, with a truly ergonomic design for a comfortable working position throughout each surgery.

Also, the Leica M844 F40 for ophthalmic surgery will be shown at the booth. The system offers clarity, contrast, and sharp, true anatomical color images at safer low-light levels. The result: a safer linkage between the diagnostic and surgical image.

For more information about the Arab Health 2015, visit http://www.arabhealthonline.com/home/.

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