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Leica VZ700 C - One Lens for macro to micro

The lens is compatible with the Leica DVM3000 and Leica DVM5000.

The parfocal objective lenses provide a constant and ergonomic working distance (10 mm) across the entire magnification range from 35x up to 2500x, with a field of view ranging from 8 mm down to 0.12 mm (horizontal).

The magnification is automatically registered by ACS encoding technology for the zoom level and selected objective lens, thus having the correct calibration information with every image acquired.

  • Connects to Leica DVM3000 and Leica DVM5000
  • Magnification range from 35x to 2500x
  • Zoom lens with 3 Objectives
  • Dual illumination mode – bright field, dark field, and any mix of the two
  • Various illumination adapters for contrasting
  • Encoded zoom for automatic readout of magnification
  • Parfocal objectives – no need to adjust focus when changing magnification
  • Parcentric objectives – no shift in image position when changing objective magnification

Illumination selector

Another unique feature of the Leica VZ700 C is the dual illumination capability to provide both co-axial (bright field) and ring lighting (dark field) illumination. The user can choose either illumination mode by simply turning a dial, without the need for changeover or other accessories. The change between co-axial and ring light is continuous, so any setting in between can be chosen for a mixed light situation.

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