Anja Schué, Mother of Science LabAnja Schué, Mother of Science Lab

Meet Anja Schué, Mother of Science Lab

My name is Anja Schué, and I have been with Leica Microsystems for almost ten years now (I can’t believe it’s been so long!). When I started, I took care of our customer magazine – that’s where I first told stories about what amazing things people do with microscopes. Nowadays my colleagues call me the Mother of Science Lab, since I built it from scratch and continue to grow it almost every day.

We call Science Lab our knowledge platform on microscopy and EM sample prep. In some ways it is a digital version of our former customer magazine, but really it is a lot more than that. It’s there for people who want to learn, share and contribute, who get a thrill out of getting or providing information, just as much as I do. The platform contains application reports, interviews of people who work with microscopes, and also gives answers to many questions around microscopy, for example what you should consider when you want to buy a stereo microscope. In addition to that, there are on-demand webinars, tutorials, how-tos, links to open access papers and a wealth of information people from novice level to experienced microscopists find helpful – and I’m not just saying that, that’s the result of a survey we conducted!

In about four years, Science Lab has grown to a compilation of more than 450 articles with around 500 authors from all over the world, colleagues and users of our equipment alike. Every day I learn something new – in all the time that I’ve been with the company no day has ever been boring!

I love Science Lab because it gives me a fantastic excuse to talk to interesting people of all areas of application, be that researchers in life sciences, people who are responsible for quality assurance on a production site, or surgeons who use our instruments to operate on people. Since I have a degree in Nutrition Science, I have a keen interest in the life science anyway and enjoy going to congresses and trade shows, networking with scientists and getting to know their work. One of my personal highlights every year is the Super-Resolution User Club meeting – amazing research! Several articles have their roots in a chat over coffee somewhere in Europe...

Why don’t you check it out? Chances are pretty high Science Lab contains something interesting for you as well.

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Anja Schué, Mother of Science Lab