Leica M165 C with Narishige micromanipulatorLeica M165 C with Narishige micromanipulator

Micromanipulators for Leica Microsystems Stereomicroscopes

Typical experiments: Microinjection into

  • Xenopus oocytes, Embryos of Zebrafish, C-Elegans, Killifish, etc.

Typical application:

  • Developmental Biology,  Embryology, Transgenics, Cellbiology

Manipulator set for Stereomicroscopes

Order number: 11532640


  • Manual coarse manipulator MMN-5, movement XYZ: 30 x 30 x 30mm
  • Single axis oil hydraulic micromanipulator MMO-220A, movement:10mm, consisting of drive unit and control unit

Adapter for all recent Leica MZ Stereomicroscopes
Order number: 11532598

Adapter for new Leica M125, M165 C/FC, M205 C/FA
Order number: 11532641

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Leica M165 C with Narishige micromanipulator
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