Microscopes for Metallography

Several of Leica Microsystems’ instruments are suitable for applications in metallography. We present two of them here.

All-rounder for a Wide Range of Applications

The Leica DM4000 M LED is especially recommended for laboratories where several users have to share a microscope. Thanks to the coding function, every user can store his or her own individual objective nosepiece or contrast cube revolver settings. All the coded settings are stored together with the image, enhancing the reliability of the analysis. Contrast techniques are changed at the press of a key. The LED illumination ensures a constant color temperature.

Robust and Reliable

Whether in the laboratory, industrial quality control or fault inspection – the manual Leica DM2700 M proves its durability. Robust and stable, it is insensitive to vibrations and resistant to many aggressive substances. The instrument is equipped with a single LED illumination for all contrast methods – brightfield, advanced darkfield, interference, polarized light and fluorescence. It additionally features integrated oblique illumination.

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