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Microscopes for the Next Generation of Scientists

Light Microscopes

The Leica DM100 is an affordable entry model with a pre-centered and pre-focused condenser lens integrated into the specimen stage for easy handling. A clearly labeled disk diaphragm facilitates matching the aperture to the objective.

Compact, maintenance-free and user-friendly: theLeica DM300 is built for trouble-free operation every day. It can be configured with rotatable monocular or binocular tubes for shared viewing and easy storage. Thanks to the enlarged specimen stage travel, students can view a large sample or two samples at a time – a particularly efficient, time-saving solution.

New: Both the Leica DM100 and the Leica DM300 are now equipped with powerful, ISO-certified achromatic or plan-achromatic objectives, enabling students to focus on a larger area of the sample.

Worlddidac Award winner Leica DM500 is particularly suitable for entry-level life science courses. Operation couldn’t be easier thanks to the plug-and-play functions. Switch on the microscope, put a slide on the stage, focus, and enjoy the image! Intelligent features like the integrated handle and cord wrap or the anti-bacteria surface coating AgTreatTM make the Leica DM500 microscope the perfect combination of excellent performance and rugged design.

The Leica DM750 is specially designed for the more demanding requirements of advanced students, being suitable for life science courses at university or college level as well as vocational training in medicine, veterinary science and dentistry. With its versatile condenser mount for different contrasting methods, the microscope offers great flexibility for different applications. Its wear-resistant surface and automatic switch-off function make it an ideal instrument for continuous use in education.

With the Leica DM750 P we offer a polarizing microscope for teaching material and earth science in college and university courses for example on crystallography and petrography. It is equipped with a large 178 mm diameter stage for easy specimen placement and viewing of calibration. It has a 4-position individually centerable nosepiece for exact durable centration of each objective to the stage rotation axis which allows quick and easy change of magnification.


The stereomicroscope Leica EZ4 HD with integrated camera is an economical, compact solution for fast live images in HD quality. Specimens can be viewed on screen and through the eyepieces with or without a computer connection. The excellent definition and speed of the live images enable instructors and students to work in real time allowing more specimens to be viewed within the lab session.

The Leica ES2 stereomicroscope is the perfect solution for the high-school market and combines superb optical and illumination quality with ease of use and comfort for extended use. The rugged design is completely maintenance-free.

Image sharing for the classroom

The interactive microscope system Leica IMS500 HD turns a microscopy lesson into an interactive learning environment: all the students have their own small viewing screen. Also, the instructor can control which images are to be shared among the students or on the projector. Freed from the time-consuming task of adjusting eyepieces, the class can concentrate on discussing the images they see.  

With the Leica DMshare App you can view your microscope images on an iPad and share them with others. The microscope camera can also be connected to several iPads at once – the ideal setup for teaching and discussion. 

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